Traveller: Outbound

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I’m gonna be light and quick on the background of this game, so if you want more detail, shoot me questions and I’ll answer them for you.

Basically I’m running a variant of the Traveller Universe with a slant towards gritty dark sci-fi (like Aliens, Outland, Event Horizon, etc). In this universe, the year is 2170. By this time in Classic Traveller history, Earth has become the Terran Confederation and has made First Contact with the 1st Imperium (ruled by the Vilani). After 1st Contact was made almost 100 years ago (after discovering the Jump Drive), Humans and Vilani lived relatively peacefully for about 25 years.

Then Humans feeling the grip of Imperial rule may overwhelm them engaged in the 1st Interstellar Wars. By the year 2155, Humans were able to land a huge victory taking a complete world from the Vilani Empire. Since then, things have been extremely tense. All the while, Humanity has expanded in other directions trying to secure as many systems under it’s rule.



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